Pierre Bordage
Pierre Bordage was born in January 1955 in La Réorthe, Vendée, France. After uneventful years at school, nine years of karate and a few banjo lessons, he discovered writing during a workshop at Nantes University in 1975...
A few trips to the Orient and some experience as a bookseller later, he settled down in the Gers in 1985 and wrote Les Guerriers du silence (The Warriors of Silence). Not until 1992 did he meet his first editors, at Vaugirard, having returned to Paris in the meantime to work as a sports reporter. He was offered the Rohel series. Back in 1992 L'Atalante received the manuscript of Les Guerriers du silence and published it in March 1993. This space opera with epic dimensions where hundreds of worlds clash, powerfully based on our myths and collective imagination, had immediate public success, which in no way diminished over the three years during the publication of the trilogy. Recognition by both amateurs and professionals came when he was awarded the Prize for l'Imaginaire and the Julia Verlanger Prize for Les Guerriers du Silence in 1994 and the Cosmos 2000 Prize for La Citadelle Hyponéros (The Citadel of Hyperneros) in 1996.
In the summer of 1999, he left to live in the United States for two years with his family before returning to his native region in France.
With L'Enjomineur in 2004, Pierre Bordage renders homage to this region by enhancing historical facts with fantastical elements. This trilogy was awarded the Imaginales Prize in 2007.

Today Pierre Bordage lives in the French South-West. During several years he served as President of the International Science Fiction Festival Les Utopiales.

His website: http://www.noosfere.org/heberg/bordage


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