Pierre Bordage
Les guerriers du silence

Les Guerriers du Silence (Warriors of Silence)

The whole collection :

- Les Guerriers du Silence (Warriors of Silence)

- Terra Mater (Terra Mater)

- La Citadelle Hyponéros (The Citadel of Hyponeros)


“It happened a long, long time ago… After the Third Great End, after the nuclear plague, after the Mother had devoured almost all her Children, after most of the survivors had killed each other, after only a handful were left…

So the survivors left their dirty and hurtful transport machines; they deserted their ruined cities, they left the wars, they forsook the humans infected by nuclear plague or madness… They left behind their poisoned waters, their flooded and quaking lands, their rivers of lava, their rivers of blood…

Some gathered in huge spaceships, went in quest of another world, swarmed across the universe and remade the humanity of the stars… For lack of space, the others had to remain on Terra Mater.”

The Confederation of Naflin comprises about a hundred worlds seeded from the Earth (renamed Terra Mater), among which the sumptuous and elegant Syracusa can be found.

However, under the aegis of the reigning family, the enigmatic Scaythes of Hyponeros, gifted with redoubtable psychic powers, are masterminding a gigantic plot in which thrusting a dictatorship onto the Confederation is only part of a wider plan.

Who, then, can stand up against them? The monk-warriors of the Absourate order? Or might it come down to that obscure travel agency employee, who is drinking time away on planet Two-Seasons? Because his life is turned upside-down the day a beautiful, tracked Syracusan woman walks into his agency…  

“No one will put an end to the torment of the humans of Terra Mater unless they reclaim their inner child.”


Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire 1994

Prix Julia Verlanger 1994

Prix Cosmos 2000 1996



“Is there such a thing as a good French science fiction writer?

Pierre Bordage proves it brilliantly with Les Guerriers du silence, the first book of this former student from Nantes who became a Parisian journalist, to be placed alongside Michael Moorcook and Orson Scott Card. Category ‘‘Dreamer of Worlds’’.”

Bruno Ménard, Ouest-France (7 mai 1993)


“With Les Guerrier du silence, Pierre Bordage gives French science fiction one of its best works of art.”

Guillaume Bouilleux, Le Figaro (23 janvier 1996)

May 28, 2020
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