Pierre Bordage
Frère Elthor
La Fraternité du Panca

 Pierre Bordage and the Space Opera

The Space Opera is a generously epic genre that suits Bordage down to the ground. He can draw on his fertile imagination and reveal his joy of telling a tale. But for Pierre Bordage, the Space Opera is not just a simple, even slightly sophisticated novel about space adventure. He reworks age-old myths and invents new myths of the future. And most of all, the dangers of the universe are confronted by people of meagre means that society scorns and manipulates.


The cycle

In the « La Fraternité du Panca », humanity is in danger and the Panca intend to save it by reforming the five-link chain or pancatvique by connecting the âmnas.

 In each book we get to know the "brother-" or "sister-link" amplified by the âmnas of the preceding links, and we follow their adventures through underdeveloped or technologically advanced countries, that are at war or at peace, hostile or friendly. The fifth brother at the end of the chain, benefiting from the energy of the other links, will confront the danger coming from another world.


The themes in this cycle are travel, the mystery of space and time, indoctrination and giving selflessly.

It has been created on the principle of an acceleration in the narrative from volume to volume which tracks the way the characters travel: real time travel, quantum leap transfers, supra-luminary transportation and travelling on the waves of time...


Frère Elthor

Bent has become Brother Elthor, the first link in the five-link chain. Benefiting from the energy from the âmnas of his sister and three brothers, he has now to confront the danger threatening the galaxy. First he must reach the cloud of Majdan, a mass of stars situated outside the Milky Way. For that he needs to find a vessel of supraluminary speed which will enable him to arrive before the destructive horde gets to the exterior arm of the Galaxy. But on TarzHel, the main planet in the Tarz Alpha system, there are not many pilots who would enjoy going to a place unexplored by man. That is, unless you come upon a fistful of adventurers on the run from local drug dealers whose only alternative is to get away as quickly and as far away as possible...

Sylvain Demierre
La Fraternité du Panca
March 22, 2012
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