Pierre Bordage
Frère Kalkin
La Fraternité du Panca

Brother Kalkin (Third volume)


Humanity is in danger and the Panca intend to save it by re-forming a five-link chain or pancatvique; the fifth brother, the end of the chain, will engage in the final combat benefiting from the energy of the other four links.
Silf, having become Brother Kalkin, the third in the five-link chain, has to reach the distant system of Gamma Bagvan, in the Sagicar sound. A young woman, Vilnéa, sets off in pursuit.
Planet Neotierra is the seat of the Human Worlds Organisation Parliament and JiLi, a well-known media man, is there under orders to make a documentary on the Panca Brotherhood, since no-one can say if this secret organisation is myth or reality.
On planet Albad, in the Gamma Bagvan system, Klarel Watzer is the eldest daughter of a family living in the Mussina colony. She refuses to follow the strict rules of the colony and goes every night to the territorial border of the Froutz - mysterious, non-human creatures.
After Ewen's voyage in real time and Ynolde's quantum leap transfers, there is a sprint to the finish against an ever more substantial threat coming from another world. Kalkin must find a means of supra-luminary transportation...

In this series Pierre Bordage returns to the joys of storytelling and space adventure which made the Guerriers du silence such a success.




Sylvain Demierre
La Fraternité du Panca
January 28, 2010
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