Alain Grousset and Pierre Bordage are two significant authors in the literature of the imaginary. Very significant. Together they have conjured up a rather unusual diptych with a giant planet as a backdrop, where travelling times are counted in months, at the very least, and more often in years. 

At first what really strikes you is the thematic depth of the two novels. Gigante is promising by its very size and its mysteries, a little like Omale by Laurent Genefort. Even if the technique isn’t new, the exploration of a new planet in a science fiction novel always engenders a lot of curiosity. The two authors tackle many aspects of Gigante: travel and how the time it takes affects the inhabitants, different communities living almost in autarchy and inventing their own beliefs, natural features and the planet’s weather and also the creation of a new religion. The reader has a lot of things to learn about in these novels, including the story of two men who evolve over time through their encounters and about the bond that unites them. With all this, Gigante is a rather effective diptych.

A chance to discover one idea, one planet and two novels…

Jérôme Vincent, Actusf



I got involved in this extraordinary adventure right from the start. Even if I wanted to give the heroes a kick up the arse at the beginning, I was quickly won over by Bordage’s story-telling talent, his smooth style, and by the mysteriousness of this fantasy world, eighteen thousand times bigger than Earth, which therefore seems hardly suitable for little human beings. Bordage overcomes all the drawbacks that such a planet could present with panache: this talent makes him one of the great names in French science fiction.

In short, an adventure which highlights current issues, with a touch of introspection and a pinch of love. All these ingredients combine to make up an excellent narrative, published by Atalante, the talented science fiction publisher which has translated or published the best-known writers in this genre.

Missbouquin, Babelio


A totally awesome space opera!

The two authors have created a colossal world and succeeded in presenting it in a logical way consistent with the given physical characteristics.

As usual, Pierre Bordage has created characters with elaborate personalities of great depth and warmth. His gift to us is Zaslo, an anti-hero of the very best kind.

Pierre Bordage remains incontestably the master of space opera, be it through the creativity of his worlds, his unrestrained invention of plot elements, in their dramatization, in his story-telling skills and through the unrivalled richness of his characters.

Serge Perraud, Le litté


Classic science fiction written in impeccable language by an author who quite clearly loves telling stories.

Noé Gaillard,



Published at February 20, 2015