Pierre Bordage
Trilogie des Guerriers du silence
La Trilogie des Guerriers du Silence
The Naflin Confederation is composed of around a hundred worlds, one of which being the sumptuously sophisticated Syracusa. However, shielded by the reigning family, the mysterious  Hyponeros Scaythes, arriving from a far distant world and gifted with disturbing psychic powers, are hatching a vast plot in which the establishment of a dictatorship is but one of the steps.

Who can stand up to them? The warrior-monks of the Absourate Order? Or will they have to count on this unknown minion from a travel agency, who likes to drown his sorrows in drink on the planet Deux-Saisons? Because his life changes forever the day that a beautiful Syracusian woman, who is being pursued, crosses the threshold of his agency...


20th anniversary edition  -  three novels in one single volume:

Les guerriers du silence (Warriors of Silence)

Terra Mater (Terra Mater)

La citadelle Hyponéros (The Citadel of Hyponeros)


Literary Prizes:

Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire 1994

The Julia Verlanger Prize 1994

Cosmos 2000 Prize 1996


Raphaël Defossez
March 20, 2014
Grand format
20,00 €
14 x 20 cm

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Germany (Heyne)

Italy (Fanucci)

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