Pierre Bordage
L'enjomineur II

The Enchanter

1793 (Book two)

The novel begins in January 1793, at the time of Louis XVI's death.
Unable to bear his separation from Perrette, Emile has jumped off Mallet the horse taking him towards his destiny. He has lost contact with the magical world and is wandering like a tortured soul in countryside in the grip of a long, hard winter. He returns to the home of Norbert and is there for the death of the old man and his two wolves, before eventually leaving for Paris to hunt the spirit of evil.
Meanwhile, Cornuaud gets out of prison thanks to, so he thinks, the Marquis of Ambert interceding for him. Actually he has been commissioned by criminal investigators to join up with a counter-revolutionary conspiracy and serve as an informer to the forces of order. Thanks to him the plan to rescue the king on the way to his death penalty fails.
In Paris Emile meets up with Armande the actress and Schwarz the police officer. The latter continues his investigations into the mysterious secrets of the Mithra sect. This research will lead him right up to the criminal investigation board, the political police of the Revolution. But the beautiful actress' feelings for Emile complicate everything: Schwarz, turning jealous, becomes his mortal enemy. Accused of conspiracy, imprisoned and convicted, Emile can fortunately count on the help of Melusine's servants, the magical creatures present in the waters of the capital, to escape from the police who are hot on his heels. But he must remain in the capital and continue to hunt the spirit of evil in the rabbit warren that is Paris, where he ends up meeting the Father of Fathers of the Mithra sect.
Cornuaud, still under Vaudoun the witch's spell, goes on committing serial murders which force him at the beginning of Spring to enlist in the armies leaving to fight the people's uprising in the West. In the Autumn, captured in Cholet and set free along with thousands of other prisoners, he comes back to Nantes, where Terror reigns, and there enlists in the Columns of Hell.

End of the year 1793 and of the second period.

October 13, 2005
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