Pierre Bordage
The Isaac Directive

Les Dames blanches / The Isaac Directive

“Either we are able to adapt to the White Ladies, or we disappear. Does it matter? After all, the Earth does not belong to any particular life form. Humans themselves are successful parasites. Perhaps it is time to make way for something else.” 

One day in November, a strange white sphere is discovered in the Deux-Sèvres countryside. It attracts and captures Léo, a three-year-old child. He is never seen again.

Other spheres, soon to be called "White Ladies", appear around the world. In each case, children living in the vicinity seem to be irresistibly drawn to them, disappearing as they run in their direction.

Moreover, the ever-increasing magnetic activity of the White Ladies is responsible for disrupting electrical and digital networks, causing an unprecedented technological decline.

Every method has been used to destroy the White Ladies, but they remain sealed and impregnable. Only the absorption of young children seems to slow down their expansion…

Will the fear of extinction drive humanity to enact Isaac's Law, which requires that each family has to donate a three-year-old child to continue the fight against the invasion of White Ladies?



“Les Dames Blanches smoothly yet indisputably reveals the paradoxical nature of our world. This story is humanism under the guise of anticipation, a political and social analysis under the guise of fiction.”

Small Things

November 21, 2019
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Original title
Les dames blanches
Original language
Original parution date
21 mai 2015

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