Pierre Bordage, through his novels, even in the most desperate ones, always reconciles me to humanity. After the first voyage in an almost infinite timescale with Frère Ewen, I was longing for the follow up. Here I am, after reading Soeur Ynolde, in exactly the same state. Pierre hasn’t written a schmaltzy novel, far from it. He strikes home through his words when humanity self harms by its lack of respect for others. He strikes and then he soothes. Pierre Bordage is a humanist enchanter. A good read for escaping the gloom that surrounds us., January 2009
Your name has to be Pierre Bordage to dare so intrepidly to get down to the monumental task of writing a five-volume space opera. But well, Pierre Bordage is the best French story-teller of our times and his literary style continues to assert itself from book to book. Combining the adventures of a soldier-monk called by his order to save the galaxy from a terrible danger and the voyage of exile of two young refugees, Bordage propels us into a gripping story, where action, love and the sombre grief of mourning intermingle. This book-world takes us right to the heart of everlasting humanity.
Thierry HUBERT, Le Dauphiné Libéré, December 2007
To this must be added, over and above the exuberantly entrancing imagination of the writer, that the ending is quite simply brilliant. All the stops pulled out for an excellent, compelling and breathtaking conclusion that brings tears to your eyes […]
Once again, I have to recommend this superb French series that will delight all lovers of the imaginary, whether they like space travel or not!
Published at February 4, 2010

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