Pierre Bordage
Frère Ewen
La Fraternité du Panca
The Panca Brotherhood

Humanity is in danger and the Panca intend to save it by reforming the five-link chain or pancatvique by connecting the âmnas. In each book we get toknow the "brother-" or "sister-link" amplified by the âmnas of thepreceding links, and we follow their adventures through countries thatcan be either backward or technologically advanced, at war or at peace,hostile or friendly. The fifth brother at the end of the chain,benefiting from the energy of the other links, will confront the dangercoming from another world. But what criteria does the Brotherhood useto unite the links in a chain? Has it unravelled the mysteries of timeand space?
Brother Ewen (Book one)
Life is good for Ewen, asettler on the planet Boreal. A contented husband and father, he isgetting ready to enter the calm period of hibernation when he receivesa call from the Brotherhood. He is ordered to leave immediately toreform a five-link chain, an unusual procedure designed to halt a graveand imminent danger. As the first link in the chain, he must leave hiswife and child to make contact with the second brother on a distantplanet and give him his âmna, the energy contained in his livingimplant. Thus begins a long voyage to the Epsilon system during whichEwen, unable to slow down his metabolism, must battle against time andagainst the enemies of the Panca, for instance, like those strangenaked men...
At the same time athirteen-year-old child, Oleo, nicknamed Ol, leaves the planet Amblewith his family who have been exiled by their community. Step by step,they finally meet up on Hyem's moon where gigantic space ships take offfor distant systems. It is a voyage where he meets Sayi, the mysteriousgirl from the Souffle Mountains, a sister of circumstance. Pretty Sayiwith whom he decides to have a singularly extraordinary adventure:experiencing, along with Ewen, the journey in real time.
Sylvain Demierre
La Fraternité du Panca
December 1, 2007
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