Régis Goddyn
Le Sang des 7 Rois – Livre VII
Le Sang des 7 Rois

Le Sang des 7 rois (Blood of the 7 Kings) is a fantasy novel with neither elves, orcs nor books of spells, where the reader moves in an imaginary medieval world: a simple and austere universe in which a character, Orville, an ordinary sergeant, finds out to what extent the society he was born into is disintegrating. This is a novel where magic and heredity are the key notions, but also a genuine novel about adventure, politics, chance meetings, clashes and hate.

The noose is tightening… In this seventh and last volume of Sang des 7 rois, the threat menacing the seven kingdoms becomes real. Maddox has all the information he needs to invade the planet and also the resources he was lacking previously. His technological advance and the disunion of his enemies prepare the ground for a manhunt in which Jahrod is the prey. But there’s no hurry…

Methodically, he subdues the survivors of Lothar’s raids and of the internal feuding, massacring and driving the remaining population towards the peak which will be Jahrod’s final but illusory refuge. MC10, the ship’s military computer, has calculated that in forcing the survivors together, Jahrod would inevitably reveal his whereabouts in order to save what remains of humanity. But there seems to be an obstacle.

Is it genetic evolution? Is it Jahrod and the code he has deciphered? Maddox doesn’t know, but there’s no room for ignorance: the pilots living on this planet have superpowers and Fletcher, who has worked for Maddox for centuries, in no way matches up to them.

While Jahrod anxiously follows the development of the magnate’s plan, Orville, Rosa, Sylvan, Petrus and the rest continue with their own personal quests, gradually realising the real nature of the danger. Depending on their awareness of the situation, the various formerly rivalling factions come together in an attempt at survival, while at the same time, under powerful fire from Maddox, the world falls inexorably into chaos and ruin.

Didier Graffet
Le Sang des 7 Rois
April 15, 2021
9 €
10,8 x 17,8 cm

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