Praise for the series LE SANG DES 7 ROIS
Indeterminate characters, conspiracies plotted in the shadows, a story drip-­‐fed to retain the sense of mystery, these are some of the elements which contribute to the success of this first volume.

Clearly, Régis Goddyn has a perfect command of fiction and nurtures atmosphere and characters that are far from being stereotypes of the genre. He gives each one a strong personality with complex interests, allowing them to develop in a boorish and austere world.

Orville and his island, Rosa and her powers, the Guards' military coup... I'm already looking forward to the next part...

Sandrine Brugot Maillard, Mes imaginaires


The world created develops along with the writing as Régis Goddyn finds his feet. Let us end with the cover, created once again by Yann Tisseron, which plainly stands out from most other contemporary cover art.
So, here we have a volume which has gained in maturity and development since the first, both in content and form.



The quality of this new saga is now established: the scene has been set and so has the plot and all we have to do is turn the pages and enjoy as usual.

The alternating points of view and the parallel setting of events taking place at the same time but in different places beat a real rhythm to the narrative and make us really want to read the next chapter.

Despite the vast number of different points of view, we never get lost in an over-­‐complicated plot. Well, the author has got everything right, and we love it!
For those that haven't yet read this saga: get going straight away!

Ptitetrolle, Lectures trollesques


The really positive point is that, now, we can find out more about the ins and outs and implications of each different mini-­‐group linking up with or against each other.

It doesn't answer all our questions, but there is enough to satisfy at least part of our curiosity. There remains a good deal of questions left hanging in the balance, not to mention points raised in this book which we have to find out about sooner or later.

I'm really longing to find out what the third volume has in store for us...                                         Le manège de Psylook


This second volume confirms the qualities of the first and proves to be surprisingly excellent. The story is really enthralling and fascinating from beginning to end, in the way it offers a cycle that is both classic and modern, avoiding the pitfalls of being endlessly more sombre and gory. And he doesn't forget to add just a touch of wonder to a very serious story.

Stegg, Psychovision


The quasi microscopic details that Régis Goddyn takes pleasure in adding to certain scenes paradoxically gives ampleur to the project whose intention is to portray a vast world crisscrossed with ancestral conflicts. The confrontations that set Guardians, rebels, theocrats, magi and ordinary human beings against each other are on the scale of a whole civilisation. So why not portray a civilisation through a few representatives that are meticulously complex and alive, right to the minutest of details...

Thus the complexity of the mysteries and the surprising nature of certain twists keep up the suspense of a plot that has clearly been thoroughly worked on.

Mes Imaginaires


Published at April 19, 2019