Régis Goddyn
Le sang des 7 Rois - Livre III
Le Sang des 7 Rois

The Blood of the Seven Kings - Book 3

In the world of the seven kingdoms, well-known folk legends tell of seven blue-blooded kings who conquered the world, lived for a thousand years and begat a lineage that created the nobility and the army. But the kings also produced common descendants murdered in order to maintain supremacy, where the sole aim is to preserve feudal hierarchy... When Sergeant Orville, a magus, but unaware of the fact, departs from his initial mission of finding some kidnapped children, the legend becomes real, and four centuries of secret resistance will gradually emerge from hiding to make themselves known and fight.


The military ambassador-captains are about to take power. The nobles seem incapable of controlling them, and only isolated pockets of resistance oppose the plans of Lothar, the General of the Guard.

The Guardians learn of the existence of Arcédia, the rebel retreat where, in book 2, Orville was taken by Petrus, the Isle of Goulet poet, and decide to capture it by deceit. They organise a Grand Bloodletting to identify rebels concealed amongst the people, who are then enlisted into their army of blue-blooded soldiers under the command of Braseline, a child magus with a cruel disposition.

Orville goes to sea again to meet up with Odalrik, a powerful magus who the rebels count on to tutor Orville, as his powers sometimes can be life-threatening for him.

As for Rosa and her companions, during their desperate flight across desert and mountain they find a hidden civilisation. They turn out to be the survivors from a purge carried out four hundred years previously in the Crête Mountains. Their plan is to establish a kingdom in the mountains.

On the Isle of Goulet, argoth has run out, bringing to an end a very long history of exchange between the Guardians and the Archipelago. So the captains leave, with the exception of Aldemond who continues to decipher the ancient language, helped by the island's inhabitants, who tell him what became of the sword of King Kradath: it was melted down and its metal used to make seven sword handles, one for each kingdom. These swords were intended to remain in the royal rooms in Goulet fort. Orville, in his flight, left with the one belonging to the first kingdom...

Didier Graffet
Le Sang des 7 Rois
September 24, 2020
9 €
10,8 x 17,8 cm

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