Régis Goddyn
Le sang des 7 Rois - livre IV
Le Sang des 7 Rois

[The Blood of the Seven Kings - Book 4]

In the world of the seven kingdoms, well-known folk legends tell of seven blue-blooded kings who conquered the world, lived for a thousand years and begat a lineage that created the nobility and the army. But the kings also produced common descendants murdered in order to maintain the cult of the Supreme, where the sole aim is to preserve feudal hierarchy… When Sergeant Orville, a magus, but unaware of the fact, departs from his initial mission of finding some kidnapped children, the legend becomes real, and four centuries of secret resistance will gradually emerge from hiding to make themselves known and fight.

In this volume we find Sylvan going north; Orville, Leo and Petrus whose mission is to free the Marquis of Vallade; Rosa stuck in the sands of the Jourd desert… And while Rouault has to make the most difficult of choices and join a slave convoy to gain access to the Crete and its secrets, Aleïde, the wife of the Marquis of Hautterre, continues on her path of revenge by becoming a a member of the Companions of the Bolt.

From Gradlyn, Lothar, the General of the Guard, continues to deploy people on the chessboard of a political reorganisation of which he hopes to retain control. What will become of the eight hundred-year-old feudal system? What new social order will be created?  Will the Goulet archipelago be the last place where man can live in freedom?

We are now at the midpoint of the series, when destinies cross paths with each other and where a unifying structure away from the concerns of the characters mentioned above begins to take form. The mysterious beings that controlled Lothar in order to get at the celebrated swords of Kradath found on the Ile of Goulet have styled themselves as “pilots” and want at any price to get hold of titanium for their “module”…

Didier Graffet
Le Sang des 7 Rois
September 24, 2020
9 €
10,8 x 17,8 cm

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