Serge Lehman, Fabrice Colin, Gess
La Brigade chimérique V
La Brigade chimérique


Like a mix between Watchmen and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, this is a saga about the end of European Heroism.



 "This third volume of one of this autumn's most inspiring series brings a promising first cycle to a close. Indeed, foundations have been laid for a thrilling confrontation between the forces of Good and Evil. The idea of unearthing now forgotten past European fiction heroes (particularly Nyctalope), recreates a fascinating mythology that is by no means inferior to American comic genre. And the way of dropping these characters into the real world of science and art in the inter-war period works really well, creating a richly tangible universe. Gess's drawing technique, with echoes of Mignola, gives the work a satisfactory patina of fantasy. La Brigade chimérique is the French version of the comic book genre that everyone has been waiting for. Here it is, so don't miss the chance of reading it.

In the eastern bloc countries, Doctor Mabuse is gradually establishing his reign of terror, under the guise of scientific progress. In Paris, a man with mysterious powers is investigating his true nature, helped in this by the Joliot-Curies. He soon discovers that he carries within him the Chimeric Brigade, the legendary protectors of France, who will be summoned to take up arms once more."


 Bodoï Magazine, on the publication of volume 3, October 2009.




Episode 8: Le Club de l'Hypermonde (Hyperworld Club)

Alarmed by the revelations of the Cafard about the atrocities committed in Metropolis, George Spad asks the Hyperworld Club for help. But what can these mere serial writers do at a time when Doctor Mabuse's Skulls and the Soviet mechanoids threaten to devastate Warsaw?


Episode 9: Tola

It is still possible to save Europe from disaster: the Chimeric Brigade must leave for Metropolis and fight Mabuse whose true nature is revealed. Is Nyctalope ready to organise these last-chance commandos after his humiliation by Nous Autres? Events gather speed and treachery proliferates.

La Brigade chimérique
June 17, 2010
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