Serge Lehman, Fabrice Colin, Gess
La Brigade chimérique I
La Brigade chimérique


Every one knows how it happened.
In the trenches, in 1918, when they started to use forbidden weapons.Special gases, radium bombshells, so many horrific things...
People were transformed.
I mean "actually".
After the war, they spread terror throughout Europe and others beganto chase after them.
That's how we entered the age of superscience.

La Brigade chimérique (The mythic brigade) rendershomage to L'Homme chimérique (Louis Querelle editions), aforgotten science fiction saga by George Spad published in France between thetwo wars. It is a serious work bearing witness to the traumatism that wasinflicted upon the European imagination by the Great War. This saga, started in1919, was beginning to take on a fascinating turn when it was inexplicablyinterrupted in 1934. Sixty-three years later, La Brigadetakesup and develops this new direction - for enjoyment of course, but also becausebehind it may lie the solution of one of the great enigmas of the history ofthe twentieth century: why are there no longer any super heroes in Europe?


SergeLehman and Fabrice Colin's scenario follows the tradition of serialisationpopular between the two wars. It is enhanced by the work of Gess, amagnificently inspired art director and a creator of a graphic universe in the traditionof the Bauhaus and German expressionism, based on a vast research into costumes,décor, objects, etc.


Prologue : Mechanoid Curie

September 1938. At the invitation of DoctorMabuse, dozens of supermen are flocking into the secret city of Metropolis.Among them is Irene Joliot-Curie, incognito behind the mask of   a soviet android. What DoctorMabuse is about to reveal could rock the balance of power in Europe. But thereis an uninvited nightmare guest.

Episode 1 : Passe-muraille's last mission

Six months later in Paris. While the Nyctalope,all-powerful protector of the City of Light, is looking for a biographer in thesurrealist milieu, Irene Joliot-Curie and her husband Frederic areinvestigating into the results of the meeting in Metropolis. Someone faithfulto the cause of the Radium Institute agrees to help them.


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La Brigade chimérique
August 21, 2009
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