There is truth in the rumour we started not so long ago: the Brigade Chimérique role-playing game will see the light of day. Marketed by Sans-Détour, it comes out at the end of 2010 [...]
Romain d'Huissier (Qin, Capharnaüm, Devâstra...), a fan of the series right from the start, is the motivating force behind the project. His super powers have enabled him to head hunt a few pure heroes of the role-playing nation: Willy Favre (Brain Soda, Humanydyne, Kuro, Sable Rouge...), Julien Heylbroeck (Warsaw, Humanydyne...), Laurent Devernay (Kuro, Brain Soda...), and Stéphane Treille (Qin, Kuro...).  As well as the dream team having quite a few of the latest members of the French video-game production units, the project of adapting the series is run in  total collaboration with  the original graphic book team.
Naturally enough, you will be able to take part in the adventures of the graphic book world, but also the game will serve as an official encyclopaedia of this universe and will contain a lot of previously unpublished material, all illustrated  respecting the original graphics.
Further information will be announced in due course, but for the moment here is a brief from the authors: the characters, portrayed as supermen with extraordinary powers, are closely or more distantly involved in the upheavals taking place  in European cities in the thirties: economic depression, the rise of extremism, imminent war... But at the same time they can have more serialistic experiences: leaving on impulse for as yet unexplored places with Hareton Ironcastle as well as travelling to Mars to foil the plans of H.G. Wells' Tripods - or trying to stop the terrible Sun Koh from discovering New Thule...





As well as the excellent artistry, care has been taken on the editorial side, which is not always the case. The story closes with the sixth album, but as in every serial it's always better to follow it as it comes out. Nothing is more exciting than seeing "to be continued" at the foot of the page!

Julien Meyrat, Rhinocéros

Published at October 21, 2010