Jean-Marc Ligny

Parisian by birth and a rocker at heart, his first employment with the SNCF and a thousand and one jobs after that, Jean-Marc Ligny has been writing science fiction and fantasy novels since the 1970's. Living and working in northern Brittany until 2001, he has since hidden himself away in the Forez mountains. From now on, “as long as he still has all his fingers and a mind that functions, he won't do anything else but write”.

He draws his inspiration from music, ethnology, political life and particularly ecology.

Jean-Marc Ligny has written over thirty novels (Denoël, J'ai lu, Fleuve noir), about fifteen novels for children (Bayard, Hachette, Nathan, Degliamme) and 45 short stories.


The Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire for Inner City (J'ai lu) in 1997,

The Rosny Aîné Prize for Jihad (Denoël) in 1999,

The Tour Eiffel Prize for science fiction for Les Oiseaux de Lumière (Birds of Light) (J'ai lu "Millénaires") in 2001 

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