Praise for JIHAD

Ligny’s brilliance lies in his use of the understatement. Of course his predictions propel us into a France of the future, but a future only five, ten or at the most fifteen years away. Because of this there is an absence of rupture and consequently total identification for the reader.  The strictly frightening aspect of the novel becomes clear; a terrifyingly realistic side in which current events, those real and commonplace ones, bestow a tone whose echoes are so exact that they are quite simply alarming.

With his novel Jihad, Ligny has created a powerful, candidly written book!                                                                                                                    Bifrost


Jihad is a disturbing novel that sets us thinking. But it is also exciting - full of twists and turns and written in a brisk, fluid style. In short, all this comes together in a great novel, which will have a lasting impression in the reader’s memory.

Frédéric Beurg


Published at April 4, 2017