Jean-Marc Ligny
24th century, well after the devastation created by global warming, a road movie that marks the rebirth of humanity.

The story takes place on an Earth whose climate has radically changed following runaway global warming during the previous three centuries and whose living conditions have little to do with our present experience. We follow the journey of a young couple, Denn and Nao, from a cave-dwelling tribe towards an “earthly paradise” seen on a painted silk headscarf, that a “demon from the Dark Ages” left to them. Bedecked with taboo objects, this man had come out of the desert to die near their cave.
Their travels, following the path of this so-called “demon”, lead them to discover towns, ruins contaminated by radiation, residual technology, radically different climates and all sorts of ways of adapting to situations... and take them right to Greenland where an Inuit society surviving from the Dark Ages has adapted to the temperate climate of the North Pole.
The Inuit, who believe themselves to be the last survivors on Earth, totally unaware of the humans and animals that populate the planet. The Inuit, to whom our travellers freely share their own knowledge – in particular, their almost telepathic links with ant colonies.
So in their turn the young couple will be “broadcasters of knowledge”  - they who have seen life flourishing anew everywhere, even in the most torrid deserts, even at the heart of the most terrible storms. The shock between cultures will be harsh but ultimately beneficial.
September 24, 2015
Grand format
22,50 €
14 x 20 cm

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