Anne Fakhouri
Anne Fakhouri was born in Paris and lives now in Rennes.

Fascinated by both Lewis Carroll and the Knights of the Round Table, her very classical education led her to the Sorbonne and subsequently to secondary school where she took up the exciting profession of teaching French.

Devouring all forms of literature, she naturally turned to the imaginary genre for her writing, practising stationary travel and daily escapism.

In 2008, Atalante published her first novel, a diptych for young adults, Le Clairvoyage and La Brume des Jours, for which she was awarded the Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire 2010. In 2011 she changed her readership with Narcogenèse, a fantasy thriller for adults where witches rub shoulders with the police and the Sandman kills children in distress. After writing a few short stories (from space opera to fantasy), she is planning to explore every facet of the imaginary, both for teenagers and adults.


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