Anne Fakhouri

Narcogenèse (Narcogenesis)

“No woman of our blood can live outside the Chais, daughter…”

Louise Gaucher, whom everyone calls Zette, works in intensive care. Whenever she can, she dozes off at the bedside of patients who are deep in a coma and travels to the « world of dreams » so that she can accompany them as they make their choice between life and death. In order to enter, she visualises a yellow brick road... from The Wizard of Oz.

When she isn't working, Zette goes home to Chais, a huge family mansion where discretion and mistrust of the outside world are the rule-an essential one, considering their success in the pharmaceutical industry.

One night in January, while she is travelling in the mind of a comatose child, Zette finds herself face to face with an evil creature, the Sandman. A few days later, a child who disappeared while under the protection of the social services is found in the Chais gardens.

Captain Simon Larcher, who was dismissed from the investigation under pressure from the Gaucher family, finds himself with his back to the wall when his nephew also disappears. Should he persuade Saul, the son of the Gaucher family, who has also "disappeared", to come out of the shadows...?



“Narcogenèse is quite simply a very beautiful book. Dense, tense, dealing with cruel and serious subjects and superbly written, its narrative confirms the talent of Anne Fakhouri, who has already received the Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire 2010 award for her previous novel, The Clairvoyage. A masterpiece rich in elements of the supernatural.”

Christian Robin, Courrier Français

Agathe Pitié

Translation Sample

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April 6, 2023
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9 €
10,8 x 17,8 cm

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