"Opening Le Clairvoyage is like diving into a tender yet comic universe, a fairyland that will never cease to surprise. On every page, the author amazes us and we are led a little further on into the effervescent world of her imagination.[...]

This goes beyond plain fantasy writing. Anne Fakhouri confronts us with a multitude of fears, forces us to confront profoundly serious questions, those of adolescence and death. Clara has undergone rupture in her life: that of the loss of her parents. The cocoon of childhood has shattered around her, leaving her exposed and defenceless in the adult world. And it is all this suffering and powerlessness that comes through the narrative, like a cry for help.
Deprived of the usual family filter screen, events, people and places become strange and are transformed. Monsters and implausible creatures materialize, as reflections of the young girl's lack of understanding. An attic changes into a tearoom for ghosts; a midsummer party becomes a fairy Sabbath...
This narrative is intended for an adolescent readership, able to appreciate the author's justness of tone and lucid vision. It will delight all those who appreciate being able to forget their daily lives for a few hours by wandering through a well-described and wonderful world."

Jean Rebillat ©

"This novel, concluding, of course, on a point of suspense which makes us long for the sequel, will really delight lovers of the genre, whether they be the age of the target public or not."
Mureliane, Les Chroniques de l'Imaginaire, 24th November 2008

"Midway between Alice in Wonderland and A Midsummer Night's Dream, Clairvoyage is the fruit of a touchingly funny original voice! A voice that we long to hear from again!
A first book that rings out as a stroke of genius! Bravo!"
Simatural, Librairie CRITIC, 18th November 2008

"We will have to wait for the second volume, La brume des jours, to know the outcome. But we can already affirm that this is a truly exceptional novel that one day may well take its place amongst the classics of the fantasy genre for the young."
Pascal Patoz, nooSFere, 9th November 2008

Published at January 15, 2009