Anne Fakhouri
La Brume des Jours
Le Clairvoyage
Mists of Daytime
La Brume des Jours is the concluding sequel to Le Clairvoyage. The first book ends with Clara passing through the gate dividing our world from the fairies' in order to find her aunt Bébé, who has been punished by them for having rescued Clara from the clutches of a fairy envoy.
Clara continually risks her life in this adventure, helped or hindered by different magic creatures that she meets and supported by key characters from the first volume: Gauvain, her destiny, her eccentric great aunt, Coucou, and the fairy hunter, Mr Li.
Clara has now grown up and encounters, even in this rather unusual context, the difficulties associated with adolescence: searching for one's own identity, discovering courage, relating to others and experiencing love and loss.
The writing, quite lyrical in the narrative passages and often brimming with humour in the dialogues, encourages us to share the love the author has for her characters.  

This second volume, more obviously a fantasy adventure novel than the last, is aimed at twelve to fifteen-year-olds. Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, Coraline by Neil Gaiman and the stories by elficologist Pierre Dubois are the main inspirations for this two-part work.

Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire - Jeunesse 2010

Sarah Debove
Le Clairvoyage
March 27, 2009
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