Considering the wealth of invention of this diptych, in general and in detail, and the light and easy elegance of style, we cannot but congratulate the young author and hope that these original novels will find the readership and success they fully deserve.


Mureliane, Les Chroniques de l'imaginaire, 14 April 2009

La Brume des Jours by Anne Fakhouri is the sequel to the captivating Clairvoyage, where, between dream and nightmare, young Clara makes her voyage of initiation in a universe so very different from the rational world. A narrative reminiscent of Lewis Carroll, with poetry too.
Jean-Pierre Andrevon et Claude Ecken, L'écran fantastique, May 2009

All in all, La Brume des Jours confirms our favourable impressions from the first part, yet minus the surprise element and with the comfort of knowing that reading the Clairvoyage is nothing less than indispensable.

Elbakin, June 2009
Published at September 15, 2009