The first volume of Quantika took place on an inhospitable "snowball" planet where scientists and soldiers were in conflict over mysterious alien artefacts, including an impressive space ship in orbit. As much in the realm of fantasy as science fiction, this successful mix of genres won the Bob Morane prize and the Futuriales Prize in 2013. In the same ambiance the sequel takes up the story again, but this time more profoundly exploring aspects already raised in Vestiges.

And there is also a threat that gets us wondering: where it actually comes from, who the Constructors really are and whether they are its true creators.

But one of the really striking ideas in this book is the way in which it includes Hinduism, its beliefs and its deities, as well as the idea that there are recurring cycles of creation and destruction. This idea is just sketched out, but it spices up the book and increases the fantasy and indeed even the horror angle of this second volume. Meanwhile it casts a sidelong glance at hard science fiction, mixing myth and theory to create surprise and to keep the genres alive and kicking.

Steg, Psychovision

Published at March 17, 2014