Laurence Suhner
L'Ouvreur des Chemins

The Opener of Pathways is the sequel to Vestiges

From the moment she first arrived on Gemma, microbiologist Ambre Pasquier had nightmare after terrifying nightmare. But at the same time they were bewitching: a mysterious voice urged her to discover the Black Temple of the Scriptures, vestiges dating from the time of the Grand Arc, while another being, the Dark God, pressed her to flee and put thoughts of these ruins to the back of her mind.

Ambre's curiosity prevails over her common sense. She sets up a scientific expedition to explore the depths of the planet and, convinced that the being hidden away there will allow her to find the past she has forgotten and to heal traumas from her childhood, she relinquishes herself to it, thereby provoking the most dreadful cataclysms which gradually spread throughout the planet.

Then there is a kind of inexplicable over-quantification of matter, which modifies its very nature and annihilates all space/time points of reference. A dazzling white flare pierces the shell of the glacier and points towards the stars, like a cosmic threat. In this "Higgs mechanism" a perfect void reigns, the great quantic nothingness teeming with primordial energy essential to all creation.

Population displacement, race and chase between the researchers in Ambre's team and the militia, a "last chance" mission aboard an ancient plane for Haziel, Kya and her father Stanislas... At the same time Ambre is being brought back to life and to the surface by her "Dark God», who is in fact a being from another species and another planet, also stranded on Gemma and who, once communication has been established, guides them to their only means of survival: the Grand Arc, a gigantic artefact abandoned by the Constructors - the first visitors to the binary system of Altamira, twelve thousand years ago.


October 24, 2013
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14 x 20 cm

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