"A stimulating work: such an unusual thing that, for just this reason, you should start reading the Brigade Chimérique!"

Le comptoir de la BD



"La Brigade chimérique is more than just fiction. It is an archaeological delve into the heart of the mutilated European imaginary. An attempt to reconstruct what happened to us seventy years ago - to understand how we lost the Homeric power to express our values in the mythological form. With, perhaps, the hope that this confrontation will help to re-establish that broken link."


BD Fugue




 "It's really obvious: it's intelligent, beautiful and ingenious; I'm so bitterly jealous I could weep."


Fabien Velhmann




 "With 6 albums published in 14 months, this French comic book hasn't had time to run out of steam!
Gess's exemplary drawing demands respect. [...] We would have liked a few more albums...






"Inspiring."                Philippe Belhache, Sud-Est




"The whole work orchestrated crescendo in 6 volumes, to end in an unexpected yet inevitable blaze of glory. The series role-playing game will delight both gamers and enthusiasts of graphic books. [...]
All you have to do now is to find out what these Superscience researchers do!


La Mysterieuse librairie Nantaise




"Well, now that it's finished, you will have realised that the Brigade Chimérique is already part of the finest hours in the history of the comic book genre."

Le blog de Lamiri




"This sixth and final volume of La Brigade Chimérique is therefore the one where the world of fiction as imagined by Serge Lehman and Fabrice Colin is replaced by the real world. It should perhaps rather be said that the uchronia becomes reality through a clever sleight of hand that gives the series all its meaning."





"La Brigade chimérique is a superb fresco. A few sentences are just not enough to sum up the story; it is clearly a UFO passing through our bookshops in a flash of light. Spanning both sides of the Atlantic, it is a real delight."


Librairie Glénat




"This is the unlikely fusion of the series genre from the beginning of the twentieth century and the super-hero comic book style. Plus a fine sense of the implicit.
Result: A series as brilliant as it is unusual, putting Marie Curie's daughter and Doctor Mabuse in the starring roles.


Stalinism and Nazism are brought into play in this narrative situated in the thirties, with the double influence of Kafka and Fritz Lang.







"The aforementioned "Brigade Chimérique" with its Dr Mabuse and its Marie Curie is out of this world and ends in a flourish with a super epilogue. It is published by L'Atalante and you'll have to get it. This is one of the best graphic books published in recent years."


Le blog de Dionnet




"Passe-muraille, Nyctalope, Accélérateur, Homme élastique, Doctor Mabuse... Even if they are not very well-known at the start, the different characters in this mythic saga seem familiar by the end of the final volume; proof if there need be that the authors' gamble has paid off. It must be said that they have given strong identities to these characters that also benefit from extremely meticulous and tight drawing. With Céline Bessonneau as colourist, Gess manages a feat similar to that of his co-writers, making the series unique in its genre. [...] He thus goes beyond the role of an artist by taking charge of the whole visual concept of the series, demonstrating a wide variety of talents, from being an excellent illustrator to a very convincing cover artist. [...]
Brilliant from start to finish, bold in its themes and structure, demanding yet respectful towards the reader, La Brigade Chimérique is one of the best revelations of recent years. A book to add immediately to your reading list if you haven't already read it."


D. Wesel, BDgest

Published at February 24, 2011