Pierre Bordage
The Isaac Directive

One quiet November morning, deep in the French countryside, an immense white sphere appears in a field by the house where Élodie Mangin lives with her three-year-old son Léo. Spotting the strange object, Léo dashes out the kitchen door and runs straight for it. At the edge of the orb’s smooth, white shell, he vanishes, never to be seen again. 

The sphere phenomenon spreads worldwide, and, in each case, young children nearby are irresistibly drawn to the orbs, then disappear. But except for their odd appetite for toddlers, they prove impenetrable, indestructible.

Where do these curious “White Ladies” come from? Are they the result of an earthly mutation, or alien in origin? As they multiply, humankind fears an existential threat. Nations unite around a diabolical plan to defeat them. But will it work? Dissenters go underground and attempt an entirely different approach.


The invasion of the spheres forces humanity to confront its darkest tendencies. A story of self-destruction, sacrifice, and hope, The Isaac Directive is more than just a riveting sci-fi thriller: it’s an allegorical tale for our troubled times.


Pierre Bordage is one of France’s greatest storytellers. His many books—some inspiring graphic novels and motion pictures—have captivated hundreds of thousands in Europe and beyond.

21 novembre 2019
9,99 €
Titre original
Les dames blanches
Langue originale
Parution originale
21 mai 2015

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