Jean-Claude Dunyach
Trois hourras pour lady Évangeline

What does it mean to grow up and have encounters? Through a particularly dramatic coming of age, Jean-Claude Dunyach makes us feel, in the true sense of the word, that to live is to communicate. To progress one has to acquire visions of the co-existing world, even if, for a while it means going outside oneself in order to come back to a greater whole.

Far away in space and time, Evangeline, a wild young girl from a good family, has been sent by her diplomat father to a school planet.

When Evangeline and her future classmates land on Enertia, a strange insectoid population is in the process of taking over the planet, and only Evangeline escapes. What’s more, she manages to merge in with the insects, to the extent of becoming their queen.

Meanwhile, the vessel where her father is living has been confronted with a terrifying enemy, a cloud of intelligent particles that literally devour ships and human colonies. The first reconnoitre mission turns into an absolute fiasco. Only a few fusiliers manage to survive, thanks to their ingenuity and training.

Is it the same type of being that was operating on Enertia? Evangeline’s return in the form of an obese queen is enough to surprise the crew, but a dialogue between father and daughter commences. Together, can they stand up to the enemy’s threat?

Space opera… with aliens, military combat and father-daughter relationships.

Pierre Bourgerie
June 20, 2019
Grand format
16,90 €
14,5 x 20 cm

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