This third volume, just like the others, and perhaps even more so, is bewitching, exciting, enveloping, captivating, spellbinding, absorbing, fascinating... In short it's a trilogy whose end I have been looking forward to, and after a succession of twists and turns and intrigue, joy and sadness, excitement and sentiment, love and hate, poetry and action... the book ends magnificently, as Carina knows very well how to! I take my hat off to this amazing wordsmith; I'd love to fall into your cauldron of dreams, again and again...

Tom, La Voix du Livre


This third and last volume of the La quête des livres-monde (The World Books Quest) has a beautiful cover, good quality pages and is nice to hold. Even the object itself makes a young reader want to open it. I carried out this test with my daughter (eleven years old). As soon as she had noticed the book on the living room table she took it, leafed through it, read the back cover and stole it from me (asking me first of course).

Two days later, she brought it back: “It’s brilliant!”

A book to be recommended for both young and older readers.

Lutin82, Les Chroniques de l’imaginaire


I am completely bowled over by this book and in fact the whole series is excellent.

The story is told in masterly fashion. Through every twist and turn we follow our two heroes and their friends as they accomplish and complete their quest.  In no part of the book do we feel the pace dragging.

The characters are really decent and delightful, so much so that we would like to meet them and have them as friends.

Carina Rozenfeld’s fine writing allows us to travel and dream. The book is really pleasant to read thanks to Carina’s flowing style.

In short a series that I cannot but recommend to you. A moment of pure bookish happiness.

Lecture de Maia 


Published at February 7, 2013

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