Part fantasy, part science fiction, this novel surfs on the wave of super-heroes, offering us pure entertainment. And it works superbly. The rhythm is breath-taking, the drama totally gripping. [...]

Readers young and old will devour this fantasy adventure story written with such a light touch.

Cécile Gaultier, Ricochet - Jeunes


Dealing with topics like the construction of the individual, bodily changes, how other people look at you, your place and use in the world around you, Carina Rozenfeld delivers a book written in a resolutely modern, pleasant and easy to read style that will have every chance of striking a chord with certain personal teenage questions ... What's more, the many intercultural references to super heroes (comics, TV and film series) will create a attachment between the author and her public.

Sandrine Brossei, Culturofil


With its homage to super heroes, Le Livre des âmes is a book written for teenagers longing for adventure.

Phénix magazine


Le Livre des lieux : A second volume as stunning as the first. Characters that are just as engaging, a well-plotted adventure with loads of suspense. Carina Rozenfeld's writing takes us up on a cloud of emotion yet remains uncomplicated. We feel really close to the characters.

Fantasy Jeunes

Published at November 26, 2012

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