Cinema, literature, comics, legends, science, history… Serge Lehman and Fabrice Colin have fished in every pool of popular culture to create a sprawling, completely wild series that includes countless unexpected meetings and exciting appearances.
Mikaël Demets,, August 2009
La Brigade Chimérique at the beginning of "J'irai lire des Comics chez vous, #7": “Absolutely terrific!”
Comics Place
It’s intelligent, it’s beautiful, it’s packed with cultural references and great ideas, and the sum total creates a very rich and coherent universe. This graphic book adopts a pleasing comic format, and each number is divided into two episodes, giving it a serial comic feel that I really like.
The next number comes out next month I think, and I’m really looking forward to that.
The Great Moustache
In fact, the artwork, just as much as the scenario, places the reader in an out-dated pre-war setting that is perfectly depicted. It’s well-judged, well-written and a total success. Quality shines out of every volume.
Can’t wait for the next instalment!
L'avis de Vicklay
Stunning! Don’t count on me to reveal any more of the plot, but what I can say is that volumes two and three are even more dense, gutsy, meticulous and crazy than the first! Possessing an implausible yet magnificently fluid wealth of detail, this graphic book is quite simply AWESOME. Tales of our childhood, characters from that era and many familiar myths and dreams. All the well-known ingredients of the fantastic genre are united in this uchronia that is even more madly extravagant than it first seems! The subtle and tragic scenario, freed at last from its introductory section, etches our history in acid to provide us with a great deal of enjoyment!
Librairie Critic
Lovers of super-heroes, steam punk, Jules VERNE, history, legends and the spirit that enlightened serial-writers at the beginning of the twentieth century… this graphic book is for you. […]
Great art, then, which not only makes you want to thoroughly explore the rich internet web site and read the next volumes as soon as they come out of the ether, but also encourages you to discover the vast literary abundance of those works conceived in the troubled inter-war years but forgotten through the passage of time.
Absolutely essential reading.

The artwork is perfect and the story breathtaking and totally sensational.

The result is quite simply magnificent.
With each episode the reader comes to realise the scale of the concept: everything is there: quantum physics and Jungian psychoanalysis, Communism and National Socialism, aliens and vampires… Yet we rarely feel that we have lost the thread, which shows perhaps that these “made in Europe” super heroes haven’t totally disappeared from our collective memory.
A user-friendly conceptual comic album whether you’re a fan of comic strips or Fantômas.

Science fiction writer Serge Lehman and scenario writer Fabrice Colin have returned to the sources of the great masters predating this sub-genre - Jules Verne, Gaston Leroux, H.G. Wells and Jean Ray - to create a fascinating comic book in the European style. Right from the start, we recommend you fasten your safety belts before you enter this devil of a theme park. Put into the blender the German period of Fritz Lang, the Harry Dickson adventures, the Surrealists, Franz Kafka, Louis Feuillade’s serials, Marcel Aymé, the secrets of the atom…and you get a breath-taking mix…. I could go on.


Published at February 4, 2010