Heralding a trend in thriller-SF currently in full swing, Roland Wagner has created with the character of Tem, the only private eye in the world saddled with the sometimes unfortunate “talent” for being invisible. This idea alone is a stroke of literary and comic genius and a surprising constraint in terms of a thriller narrative because it entails mustering sometimes almost Oulipian energy. […] The “Futurs Mystères” cycle was awarded the Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire in 1999: let us just say that it was unwarranted, because it was by no way enough of a reward. The creativity and exuberant talent of the author, like his skill in extricating himself from complicated plotlines – “La Balle de néant” manages to provide a new version of the sealed room enigma - , make Roland Wagner the equal of his masters of “mysteries”: one of our great authors in popular literature.

Francis Mizio

Published at December 31, 2015