Roland C. Wagner
Les futurs mystères de Paris - l'intégrale, volume I

Future Mysteries of Paris, Book 1

The Futurs Mystères de Paris series, was first published by Fleuve Noir in 1966 (six volumes issued), then taken up by Atalante from 2002 to 2006 (nine volumes issued). The most prize-winning series in the 90's: Prix Rosny-Aîné 1998, Prix Ozone 1998, Prix de l'Imaginaire 1999, it is emblematic of RCW's history of the future: for its social politics - a world at a standstill after a cataclysmic event; for its fiction - a sufficiently active collective unconscious.

Roland C. Wagner's plan then, as well as rendering homage to the great popular novelists Eugène Sue, Léo Malet and Frédéric Dard, was to meet  "an irrepressible need for humour and optimism"... which is still  crucially important for everyone.

The man in the green hat, a detective in his own right and a keen follower of Nestor Burma, has a knack of stumbling on corpses, especially murdered ones. In this peaceful world, that really doesn't seem lucky... another quirk of fate, his talent for being invisible, so practical for tailing people, is a serious handicap to any normal relationship. This explains his partiality for unusual head gear and loud clothes, to stop him being just a shadow slipping through the net of reality. At least remember his name, Sacred Temple of the Radiant Dawn, but you can call him Tem.

1. The Bullet from Nowhere

Paris 2063. A half-century after the Great Primitive Terror, which rocked the foundations of society (for better rather than for worse), is when the first of the Futurs Mystères de Paris begins and where the murder of a physician behind closed doors is investigated.

 2. The Quantum Kidnappers

The universe of the future, however peaceful it may have become, is not free from racketeering, and the investigation led by Tem into a sect whose followers are losing their electrons gives rise to an in-depth look at the use of hallucinogens. He is helped by Gideon Jay, the addict, Cipolina, the acid-queen, and the inevitable Gloria, in full creative mode with her Louise Michel Trust for the recognition of Virtual Citizens.

 3. The Odyssey of the Species

Unjustly accused of a crime by the obnoxious Inspector Trovallec, Tem must this time lead an investigation to prove himself innocent. Fortunately he meets Eusèbe and Snakefingers, two failed cat burglars, and Gloria is at her best... The use of the most recent scientific theories in population genetics, quantum physics and religious history makes this fantasy thriller a masterpiece.

4. Uncertain Dawn

Hired by one of the most powerful men on the planet to investigate the deaths of fashionable artists, Tem finds out just how good his gift of invisibility is…

Followed by Honoré a disparu (Honoré has disappeared), a narrative which recounts the reawakening of Rock’n’roll, revived by the mystic pig.

5. Tekrock

Where Tem identifies Apple Pip, a mysterious amnesiac who has hired him to find out his identity and who proves to be the archetype of Rock'n'roll, put down during the Reign of Terror by the enemy with Red Eyes.

Where we learn that Gloria has accidentally reproduced herself so that Peggy Sue sees the light of day.

Where the trial of Odon takes place, and where a mysterious brunette tries to help him escape.

Where we have our initial encounter with Skullhead who has experienced the Reign of Terror and its premises at first hand.

Where we meet the Parques sisters for the first and last time.


March 19, 2015
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