Praise for LE SANG DES 7 ROIS

Indeterminate characters, conspiracies plotted in the shadows, a story drip-fed to retain the sense of mystery, these are some of the elements which contribute to the success of this first volume.

Clearly, Régis Goddyn has a perfect command of fiction and nurtures atmosphere and characters that are far from being stereotypes of the genre. He gives each one a strong personality with complex interests, allowing them to develop in a boorish and austere world.

Orville and his island, Rosa and her powers, the Guards' military coup... I'm already looking forward to the next part...

Sandrine Brugot Maillard, Mes imaginaires


This is an efficient novel and there is suspense right to the end, especially in that, halfway through the novel, there is a twist that takes us down rather unexpected paths. Especially as we are continually discovering the rules of this world that is gradually being revealed. Exploits are simply but effectively narrated, which means that we are totally absorbed in this first book from start to finish.

Stegg, Psychovision

Published at June 4, 2013