It is difficult to put Dresseur de fantômes into a single genre. We get taken up in this breakneck adventure versus a mysterious assassin. It is of course a quest for revenge, but there is constantly a leitmotif of love. A beautiful, heart-warming book.

Hervé Beilvaire, Temps de livres


The author’s subtly dynamic writing is the perfect support for this excellent story.

Chris de Savoie, Chronique Phénix Web


It’s epic, full of twists and turns, and colourful characters in a refreshing retro-futuristic décor. The biggest boat since the dawning of the day and AeroCircus, a flotilla of balloons and flying machines. A great world, a great adventure and charmingly fresh writing. Well, we loved it.

Jean-Claude Vantroyen, Le Soir



The world described by Camille Brissot is rich in depth. Definitely one of the strong points of this novel is the mosaic atmosphere created from a multitude of elements drawn from left and right : a little of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island ; a circus troupe travelling in flying machines; a trip to the New World. The sum total makes a very convincing patchwork.

Raphaël Gaudin, Bifrost n°76


Published at February 20, 2015