Camille Brissot
Dresseur de fantômes

Ghost Tamer

The world had been redrawn by a series of climatic catastrophes, marine currents and changing winds, and there was no electricity at all in many areas, returning peace to the sky and emptying the floating cities. Once the old maps had become obsolete, adventurers could sally forth again…

For years Théophras Werenfeld and Valentine have travelled the world employed by rich people to look for treasure and hidden wonders; until the day Valentine is poisoned by the mysterious Collector, her best client. Reduced to the state of a ghost she becomes invisible to everyone… except Theophras.

Helped by Captain Peck, the owner of the biggest paddle steamer in the world, and by the celebrated AeroCircus troupe, a disparate flotilla of balloons and flying machines, the two lovers set off in pursuit of Valentine’s murderer. Why would the Collector have eliminated one of his best employees?  And who is he really?

A quest for vengeance and the truth that takes them from the Caribbean to the dark back streets of Edinburgh, passing through the Great Plains of America.

For young adults and adults.

April 25, 2014
Grand format
15,50 €
14 x 20 cm

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