Praise for BLEU ARGENT


The atmosphere of Bleu Argent is enjoyable and the author succeeds in convincingly creating Planet Poéia and its inhabitants. The story is well-paced and the characters are engagingly depicted, even if the plot lacks a few twists and turns. A well-constructed novel and a pleasant read.

Chris de Savoie


We relish every moment spent with these heroes,  the places they go to, every discovery and process of thought.


The writing style is, as always, carefully controlled, enthralling and poetic, easing the reader into the story. In conclusion, this is a good novel that can be read by teenagers and adults alike, dealing with childhood, magic, stories, dreams and stars. It gives us interesting perspectives on truth with a good measure of optimism and hope added, showing us that even if sometimes everything seems to be speeding along nicely, that nothing is easy and that perhaps you have to spare the time to gaze at the stars or look within yourself to find that little spark of magic.


Published at March 12, 2015