Olivier Paquet
Bleu argent

Silver Blue

In a future where the human race has conquered space, each planet possesses a colony whose culture is supposed to last for centuries. But certain young spirits are dissatisfied with this state of affairs…


Viewed from space there are two rings that shine when they are approached, circling a star. The world of Poéia is one of mystery and legend, yet no-one knows who built the rings out of a rock which allows you to fly and the legends don’t explain the existence of Bleu Argent, a space ship that has orbited the central star for a hundred years.

Joris isn’t bothered by these enigmas as he’s waiting for his exam results that will let him board the school ship Melkine in order to become a space traveller. He wants to get back to the stars, and prove to his parents that they ought never to have abandoned him when they left Poéia. Of course he knows that he will have to leave his best friend, Lyzia, but she also has a destiny, that of becoming a Trameur so that one day she can reach the Origin station where the Legend lives.

And what if all this were just a tissue of lies? And what if the truth wasn’t bad enough to warrant certain inhabitants leaving the idyllic world of Poéia to wander through the universe? To find out, the two teenagers will have to be helped by the people of the Melkine, the only ones for whom the unknown is a limitless driving force.


September 25, 2014
Grand format
15,50 €

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