Serge Valletti
Pourquoi j'ai jeté ma grand-mère dans le Vieux-Port

Why I threw my Grandmother into the Vieux-Port

"It needed at least two of us. I've got an excuse because the other one was my father. Her son.
“Are you sure, dad?”
“Yes, she said to me, ‘I loved this town so much!'”
So, one day in August, in the sun, from a boat, with my father, we threw my grandmother into the waters of the Vieux-Port.

His grandmother is Dolorès. Once she had a parrot, a monkey and a rabbit.
Dolorès' son, well, he's Alex - the author's father. One day he started writing detective novels for Série Noire. We find out how that happened.
And Luigi!... (No that would take too long.)
In short, this book tells the story of many things and many people. Robert, Augustine, Gaby, Charles, Alice, Louis (Luigi), they are all in it and all larger than life. That doesn't matter, there's plenty of room in this book. Enough even to swallow up Marseille.
It's full of incredible stories.
Really jam-packed with incredible stories!
Racy... and full of local colour."


This tale (actually autobiographical) drew instant acclaim from booksellers in Marseille and it has been warmly praised by readers everywhere.
Although Serge Valletti vowed he would never agree to it being performed on stage, dramatic adaptations have flourished and there have been hundreds of performances since the first reading in the Chaillot National Theatre in 2001.


September 24, 2015
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