Jeanne-A Debats

 Planet Earth is ecologically depleted, animals are extinct and the air is hardly breathable. The only positive aspect for humanity: the Alyscamps reactors that draw energy from non-expressed dimensions of reality.

In this world adolescents fall victim to the Plague, a strange illness which makes them capable of creating all sorts of creatures, seemingly ex nihilo, or even to command the elements.

The world rejects them.

Quentin is a Plaguer: water sources spring up beneath his feet and the girl he loves, Illya, makes orchids flower wherever she goes. They are both taken to the Paris Reservation. There they experience community life, Control of their Plagues and above all Control of a strange mutation awaiting them across the Union: from the Fusion of Plaguers are born Singles, and even Multiples - fascinating beings composed of several individuals.

These strange communities are as yet unaware that the survival of the world is directly linked to that of the outcasts within humanity they have become. Indeed, something is using their bodies to channel an amazing source of energy which without them might well devour our universe. As humanity matures Quentin and his friends endeavour to grow up at the same time.


Jeanne-A Debats has no fear of the ambiguities of human nature and no inhibitions regarding our evolution. A genuine encounter between emotion and reason.


Plaguers was awarded the Prix Bob Morane 2011!

Frédéric Perrin
October 21, 2010
Grand format
20,50 €
14,5 x 20 cm

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