Praise for PLAGUERS

"Plaguers is a wave that starts right from the first few words. It swells, thunders and rolls towards the cliffs to crash into them only on the last page, leaving the reader completely dazed."





"You will have realised that I loved this book which for me confirms that Jeanne-A Debats ranks among the most talented and original writers of French contemporary SF."


Jean-Luc Rivera, Actusf


"Outside the reservation, the scene depicted for us is a Paris polluted tenfold: the end is nigh. A post-apocalyptic decor where the apocalypse would have been an ecological one since human beings are practically all that remain. Enough to make chills run down your spine. The contrast is even greater with the Reservation, a closed-off world like a Garden of Eden bounded by walls and guarded by soldiers, where polluted air is driven out by a plague. It is against this backdrop that we follow our teenagers' search for identity, a kind of Big Brother story for mutant adolescents, not particularly meant in the bad sense of the term, but just for the image.


The work flows well and makes easy-reading; it's been a long time since I've read a book as quickly as this. The author's style is pleasant to read and tends towards a rather welcome simplicity. My only proviso would be concerning the end narrative which I found rather unclear, reminding me of a something like a cross between the anime Evangelion and Greg Bear's Blood Music In the meantime Frédéric Perrin's cover is outstanding, and he is indeed the creator of several excellent Atalante covers.


This is user-friendly Science Fiction which will surely please teenagers. From my point of view I am a little put off by the expression of the suppressed or expressed libido of these kids shut up in a pen. Apart from this, it's a pleasant book to read and I can certainly recommend it to you."


Illman, ifisdead




"Jeanne-A Debats' novel plays about with a lot of SF concepts, interspersing them with teenage conflict stories, all written in a style which at times seems as edgy as the characters.  It is as if the writer were familiar with their feelings and has experienced their distress. And so it becomes all the more powerful and poignant, compelling the readers deciding to venture within these pages to endure a whole range of emotions.


A mix of science and poetry, Jeanne-A Débats delivers a surprising novel that is difficult to discuss without revealing too much. Both short and intense, Plagueurs is a book that hides its ambitions all the better to throw them in our faces in an intensely sensitive and passionate finale, where the narrative form shines as brightly as its content and where destinies are played out amidst tears...


Stegg, Psychovision


"Plaguers is an SF book. But first and foremost, it is for me, a novel about learning and initiation. There are even the three phases which divide up such a book: * youth * learning  * mastery *, and it is this in the end which makes it so engaging and absorbing. So much more than the recounting of the apocalypse theme which threatens our planet and will only be avoided through the deeds of a few heroes. [...]


But well, I've written and talked enough. So I'll just say one more thing: I sincerely recommend you read this book.


The Mad blog




"Pleasant to read, yet eminently serious when you read between the lines, Plaguers is in the category of those exceptional novels that, be that as it may, leave the reader with an everlasting memory of enjoyment and contemplation."



Published at February 24, 2011