Gilles Servat
Le Monde-aux-jumeaux
Les Chroniques d'Arcturus


The Arcturus chronicles, Book VII

Bré is a planet that resembles a Celtic country of legends. Drwidhs foresee the future, kings test each other’s powers and heroes fight fabled beasts.

Le Monde-aux-Jumeaux (World-of-Twins) is the direct sequel to the previous books and tells the story of a brother and a sister who, unaware of this fact, become lovers. These are young heroes, not yet 15, who defy authority and bring about important political changes on Bré.

At the beginning of the story, when the only problem for our heroes is the quest for the lance of Lughern that enables its possessor to combat invaders, the discovery of their incest forces them to flee to find a safe haven, a place where they can live… this will be with the blue-skinned Liwédis, for, in order to become immune to cold, they cover themselves with a dye derived from a particular shell: the tomgwad. They are austere, pious and respectful of propriety, customs and tradition. Their animal is the ijen, whose strength increases until midday then diminishes towards the evening. Their favourite weapon: the catapult. Certain Liwédi women are skaotes. They have the losca, a fiery warrior power that they can pass on carnally only to warriors who possess the gift of receiving it.

Poet, singer and musician, Gilles Servat is a marvellous story teller. He imparts to epic fantasy a harsh yet sensual lyricism and narrates an epic cycle in the era of science fiction.


Yann Tisseron
Les Chroniques d'Arcturus
March 21, 2013
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