Sandrine Alexie
La grotte au dragon
La Rose de Djam

In the first volume, Sybil, our young Norman girl, inherited a fort in the principality of Antioch. She found a partner, in the person of Pèir, a bad-tempered boy from Gascony, and, embarking on a hazardous journey to the east, answered the call of the Forty Saints of the world assembled at Amid.

She agreed to go on a mission to the mountains near Mosul to seize the Rose of Jam from the “dragon”. If it were to fall into the hands of evil forces, it could bring about the destruction of the world rather than guarantee its equilibrium.

Shudjâ’, the fakir who was Sybil’s teacher during her childhood, has been captured by the Shades…

At the start of this second volume, a group led by Pèir sets off to look for Shudjâ’ in the Kurdish mountains. There they meet Shahmaran, the magician, “Queen of Snakes”, who assigns five of her sons to the expedition. After an epic underground combat, they succeed in escaping with Shudjâ’, who, awakening from the coma brought on by the torture inflicted on him by the Shades, tells them what they long suspected - Yokhannân the priest, a traitor within the Forty Saints, is informing the enemy on the expedition and each move that Sybil makes...

Sarah Delle
La Rose de Djam
August 22, 2019
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