Jean-Claude Dunyach
L'instinct du Troll

Troll Instinct 

A word from the author:

The character of the stone Troll appeared in my stories about ten years ago, at the same time as the world in which he lives. It is a fantasy world, peopled with the usual dwarfs, elves, unicorns and knights, with a few necromancers and prince charmings thrown in for good measure. But contrary to the classic fantasy settings, this world has discovered progress and is in the process of racing off at breakneck speed in the direction of things modern. So there are cross-functional industrial organisations and progress meetings, human resources departments (where the worst necromancers of the sector operate) and production quotas. Not forgetting video games and the local equivalent of the internet. And a trainee. In short, an unlikely fusion between The Lord of the Rings and the comic strip Dilbert. And a touch of fantasy, because it wouldn't be funny without that.

Because it is funny... Well at least it's trying very hard to be. The advantage of having a character basically made of granite, a tough nut who's really sensible but totally out of sync with the modern world, is that one can imagine what kind of disasters are going to happen. You can use him to slate everything in sight - oil wars, the idiosyncrasies of world finance, genetic manipulation and the Knights of the Round Table...

So I decided to let him have a story all to himself in four successive episodes, during which he travels about with a motley crew saving the world, stopping a particularly disastrous war, finding love and totting up his expenses. I'm afraid you'll find appalling puns everywhere. I've added a Woodstock-style soundtrack and Gilles Francescano did the cover.

The target audience is aged from fourteen and up. The average geek will have no problem in finding all the references he needs to Monty Python and modern Fantasy writing. This is absolutely not a serious book!

Gilles Francescano
March 19, 2015
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13 x 18 cm

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