The ending, like the story itself, doesn't run out of steam. On the contrary, like the book, it is sumptuous. A strange and superb graphic book for readers of any age but one that will perhaps be more appreciated by adults.
Edouard Bréard,, 22 January 2009

Originality and daring are the key words of this highly recommended album.
L'avis des bulles, December 2007.

The Nantes publishing house, L'Atalante, enters BDselection through the front door with this ambitious and masterly album.
BDselection, 17th October 2007.

Flambant 9, the new collection of graphic books from L'Atalante has certainly risen to the occasion with its opening album. What better than a Thomas Lestrange to discover an new approach to graphic books. Keep it as a work of art in your library.
La gazette économique et culturelle, 4th December 2007.

Published at March 10, 2008