Lovers of science-fiction will adore this.                                                          FB, dBD, May 2009



The long-awaited sequel to La Saison de la Coulœuvre (Grass-snake season) has come up to expectations. Serge Lehman has again managed to drop us into this bizarre and at first sight unfathomable world, and to get us really involved in the story. Of course we have to reread the first volume to refresh our memory about the ins and outs of the plot, the roles and relationships of each of the many characters and the ways and customs of intersection 55, etc. And then we have to read both the volumes all over again, because this new opus clears up many ambiguous points from the first one.                                                                            Actusf


La saison de la Couloeuvre is above all an extraordinarily rich universe, an original idea with a cold and oppressive atmosphere... and in all these respects I think this second volume is even better than the first.

Librairie Critic, May 2009


Artistically, it's still just as outstanding. Views from dizzying heights make you light-headed. Minutiae abound with enough details to make you read the work all over again.  There is a satisfying duel between colours and grey areas. It's a real delight.
                                                                                         Gérard Wissang, Phénix-Web, May 2009


This second volume is a great success! The same rich and complex scenario is again enhanced by competent drawing and implacable logic.

L'Avis des bulles

Published at October 12, 2009