This esoteric thriller takes you to the heart of l'Isle-sur-Sorgue and its surroundings in a single sitting. The book's 215 pages are peppered with suspense and, in a novella packed with adventure and sci-fi flavours, one cannot help thinking of  "Indiana Jones" and the "Da Vinci Code", and of the sci-f writers Robert Sheckley and Philip K. Dick.


Serge Valletti, the author, is also present in what seems to be a subtle autobiography. And even though we are told, between the lines, that it's only fiction, it will be hard not to look at that part of Provence with a very different eye in future.

Jean-Louis Jouvet,  La Provence



A detective story with more than a single enigma, Spasmi Studium begins in l'Isle-sur-Sorgue, the "Provençal Venice", and takes us on a journey through space and time and the inner mysteries of our own lives.


Magazine Clés


Spasmi Studium is a voyage through time. Among the characters, it's easy to recognize the author himself and his wife, Muriel. We'll follow them into the under belly of l'Isle-sur-Sorgue, moving from the past to the present. This plunge into the Jewish and esoteric past of Provence is not easy to summarize, so complex and heavenly mind blowing is it. Valletti, in this novel as in his other work reinvents the colourful art of long lost palavers.

Gilles Costaz,  Politis



Serge Valletti gives free rein to an abundant imagination in Spasmi studium, a crime thriller that blithely blends scenes from the French Revolution and the Napoleonic era with vignettes from the author's own uproarious life. His unbridled prose has only one goal: happiness, that eternally elusive state. But seeking it is wonderful fun in the company of Valletti, a skilled crafter of enigmas of every description and dialogue that sparkles with energy.

Isabelle Potel, Air France Magazine



Dali proclaimed once that the Perpignan train station was the centre of the world. But Serge Valletti seems to believe that l'Isle-sur Sorgue, in the Vaucluse, would better fit the bill. And it is there that Spasmi Studium, his latest novel, begins. The main character rents out a house to an American couple... and other Americans soon follow. But the essence and main interest of the novel is the author's philosophical take on life, and especially the way we relate to the present. Valletti points the finger at those who cannot live the present but look instead for perpetual excitement.

By the way, did I say it that this book was excellent? Look for yourselves.

Culture Hebdo - Montréal


With Serge Valletti, and Spasmi Studium, we sail along the river Sorgues, to ages past. Packed with action and historical references, this part detective, part historical novel, will keep you awake all night.

Catherine Cadot,  La Provence


Published at March 29, 2012