Elisa Beiram
Rêveur Zéro

Rêveur zéro (Dreamer Zero)

“Suddenly, faced with the idea of the dream's disappearance, the feeling of emptiness and loss is stronger than that of comfort regained.

It was the dream that drove him to return to Geneva and find Suzie. It was the dream that revived his career and his confidence. It is the dream, finally, that shakes the inert mass that is the brain of humanity.

If we make the dream disappear, don’t we risk making the world disappear too?” 

In a society where feelings and sensations are dulled by the ubiquity of cold technology (autonomous cars, robots, smart clothes...), dreams suddenly overflow from the unconscious to come to life in our reality. Wonderful, comical and sometimes frightening, they can also be dangerous. Destructive.

In Switzerland, a laboratory disappears without a trace. A scientific experiment on dreams was being conducted there. Zahid, who can lucid dream, was one of the subjects. He comes into contact with Alma, one of the scientists who was involved in the experiment. Philipp, a policeman, is called in to investigate.

An eighteen-day investigation begins. What is the link between the disappearance of the laboratory, the increasingly frequent cases of individuals experiencing hallucinations, and the bizarre phenomena in the city? Who is the 'dreamer zero'?



“Elisa Beiram uses the concept of lucid dreamers to describe people capable of generating the dreams of their choice in real life. Through the interactions of their dreams on reality, the story incites humanity to become aware of its action on the environment and, therefore, on humanity itself.

Rêveur zéro’s message is not essentially environmental, but eminently human. And full of hope.”


Aurélien Police
September 24, 2020
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14,5 x 20 cm
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